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A Franchisee of a national day spa was spending too much money on marketing. Corporate had advised him to spend it on postcards and their existing Pay-Per-Click provider (A Top National Digital Advertising Firm), both proving to be ineffective.



Generate leads with a limited amount of channels. Corporate did not want us to compete against their existing marketing channels, limiting us from doing SEO, Google Adwords, Organic Social Media, and creating new promotions.


By following our 5-Step Approach, we developed a full understanding of the Day Spa, their industry, top competitors, and buying habits of their local market. The marketing mix was developed to enhance their competitive advantages with relation to both their competitors and blue oceans in the marketplace. Using the same promotions offered by the corporate office with an altered the format (while maintaining the same message), we pushed them out in our newly developed marketing mix.


Socialincs ended up outperforming the National Agency by over 957% in every metric. Not only did we outperform them head to head, our metrics with only one location outperformed their metrics for the region as a whole. Not to mention, we had a minimal budget compared to the combined regional budget. One can only speculate what the numbers would have been if we were able to use 100% of the channels!

2400% More Leads via Print Ad

1440% More Leads via PPC

86% decrease in CPM

From The Client

"Socialincs has been a game changer for my business. Within 3 months they increased my monthly inbound calls by 957%!"

- G.R. - O, Franchisee Day Spa

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